Bed Bugs

Bed BugsMany people mistakenly think that only dirty motels have bed bugs, but the truth is, bed bugs can infest any sleeping space including your own bed. If you think you might have a bed bug problem, you can count on the pros here at Advanced Pest and Termite to come to the rescue.

Most bed bugs enter a home after being picked up in other places. These insects like to travel on luggage, furniture, and in cars. Once bed bugs are in your home, they are really hard to get rid of. They can be found in every inch of your home: your mattress, furniture, light fixtures, outlets…pretty much anywhere. These pests are such a problem that one treatment of your home will not be enough to kill the bed bugs.

Protect Yourself:

  • Research hotels you plan to stay in to see if they have had any bed bug problems reported.
  • Wash all your clothes right away when you return from a trip.
  • When you change your bed sheets at home, always inspect your mattress.

Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs are attracted to the warmth and moisture of your breath, so they tend to bite around your face, neck, chest, and upper arms. However bites can be found on different parts of your body as well.
  • Adult bed bugs are brown or reddish-brown, and they are approximately 3/16-inch long, broadly oval, and flat.
  • They are most active at night when people are sleeping.
  • They feed on human blood.
  • Reactions to bed bug bites depend on the person, but they can range from no reaction to a severe allergic reaction.

Bed Bug Bites:

  • Are red with a darker red spot in the middle
  • Cause severe itching, blisters, or hives
  • Are often arranged in a rough line or cluster