Advanced Pest and Termite in Lawton can safely and effectively take care of a bee problem at your home or office. There are two different types of bees that are common to the Lawton area: normal honey bees and killer bees. Although both types of bees look the same, killer bees are a lot more aggressive and can cause death. They have even been known to kill a 2,000 pound horse!

When killer bees get mad, they don’t just send out a few bees from the hive like honey bees do; they send out almost the whole hive. Killer bees will also follow their victims. They have even been known to wait for someone who jumps under water trying to flee. Two things that cause killer bees to get mad are vibrations and carbon, and that’s why it is common for people to get attacked when they are mowing their lawns.

If you have a bee problem near your home or office, don’t just ignore it and hope the bees will go away on their own, and don’t try to deal with it yourself or you could end up getting seriously hurt. Call the experts at Advanced Pest and Termite in Lawton, and we will get rid of them safely and effectively.

Facts about bees in Lawton:

  • Bees are more aggressive during the late summer and early fall.
  • Bee hives can have up to 80,000 bees in them.
  • Bees usually come around people because they are attracted to soap, perfume, or hair spray.
  • Bees are attracted to bright colors.
  • Depending on the type of bee, beehives are usually in hollow cavities or on exposed tree branches.