Small scorpions are common to Lawton, and they can be a big problem for homeowners and businesses. They sting with their tail which contains venom, and the result is a very painful injury. Most scorpion venom is not toxic to humans and is not likely to result in serious medical complications, but pain, swelling, and numbness are common symptoms after being stung.

Some people are allergic to scorpion venom, and they are more likely to have serious side effects, possibly even death, after a sting. Their chances of survival are much greater if they seek immediate medical attention.

Scorpions are most common during warm weather, and they are most active at night. At Advanced Pest and Termite, we use a spray to get rid of scorpions, as well as, remove their habitat from your home. If you have noticed scorpions in and around your home, don’t panic. Just give us a call and we can help.